Shop Capabilities & Resources

If a tank or other part can be lifted by a crane and hauled over the road on a trailer, we can line it at our shop. Vulcan’s on-site resources include a 21,000-square-foot shop on 2 acres with four (4) overhead, 10-ton cranes. Parts larger than 14 feet in diameter or weighing more than 10 tons are lined in our yard.

VPL’s shop includes a dedicated sandblast facility, a 10ft x 10ft x 20ft cleaning oven, two high-heat compression molds for making rubber parts, and two autoclaves. The largest autoclave is capable of curing parts up to 9.5 feet in diameter and 24 feet in length depending upon the shape of the part. The cleaning oven allows our customers to extend the life of their existing parts and save money by reusing their existing steel infrastructure. Vulcan can offer substantial savings of time and money to our customers by removing the existing lining, repairing the steel (if necessary), and applying a new lining to the existing steel.

Vulcan can spark test, repair, and certify existing tanker linings of your over-the-road tankers or completely strip and reline the tank if required.

VPL can also handle your new steel fabrication needs. VPL provides turnkey fabrication, repair, and rubber lining solutions for its customers.