Vulcan Precision Linings offers a proprietary rubber formula superior to other industry-leading formulas for high impact and abrasion applications. The superior impact and abrasion properties of our proprietary rubber (VPL-58) are supported by laboratory tests and years of field applications.

In addition, Vulcan works with a variety of rubber types and thicknesses produced by industry leading suppliers including Blair Rubber and Polycorp (Polymeric). Vulcan makes it a priority to understand its customers’ needs and the performance requirements of Vulcan’s recommended linings.

Performance criteria include exposure and resistance to:

  • Chemicals
  • Immersion
  • Temperature – Peak & Continual
  • Particle Size
  • Impact and Abrasion
  • Ozone & Sunlight

In addition to Vulcan’s popular proprietary soft natural compound, VPL-58, other popular rubber types applied by Vulcan include:

Natural Rubber Tan, Black Gum and Food Grade

  • Soft Natural – 35<65 +/- 5 Shore A – Abrasion, Concentrated Acid
  • Semi-Hard – 70 <90 +/- 5 Shore A – Dilutes
  • Hard Rubber – 95 Shore A +/- 5 Higher Permeation Resistance

Butyl rubber (Chlor, or Bromo)

  • Greater chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistant up to 250 degrees F (121 C )

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)


  • Flame resistant
  • Moderate oil resistance

Medium Oil Resistant (MOR)/Nitrile

  • Natural/nitrile blend rubber for abrasion and moderate oil resistance (MOR)
  • Nitrile for higher oil resistance