Our company began around 2005 as a small business of fewer than10 people, owned by a family partnership.  By 2007 that partnership dissolved.  The rubber-lining portion of the business continued under a single owner until 2010, when it was purchased outright by an investment group in order to keep it solvent. 

The shop personnel and office staff stayed on following the purchase, but the President of the company was appointed by the investment group.  Lacking the people-skills, knowledge, and understanding of this industry, leadership soon found themselves over their heads; sales, quality, safety, and customer service plummeted.

Duane was brought on in 2011 and quickly righted the ship with his extensive industry background and business sense.  In an attempt to be distinguished from other rubber lining companies in the area with like-sounding names, who were taking credit for our quality work, Duane suggested a name change.  The name of the company changed to Vulcan Precision Linings in 2013.

By 2016, the investment group had come to the end of the allotted funding and offered an employee buy-out program.  Duane purchased the company in October of that year, renaming the company, Spock Enterprise, LLC ~ dba, Vulcan Precision Linings (yes, in case it’s not obvious, Duane is a Trekkie!).  From then on, Duane’s business ethics, philosophies, quality standards, honesty, integrity, innovation, and safety record have ruled the day, and our dedicated customers will attest to that.

Our Mission:

To go where no Rubber Company has gone before:

Doing the Job Right the First Time;
Keeping Safety Paramount;
Delivering an On-Time, Quality Product;
Standing Behind our Work;
Being Honest, Fair, & Dependable
Having Integrity, and,
Staying Innovative.
Vulcan Precision Linings ~ The Logical Choice for Industrial Linings!