Sami Sweat-Pickering

Katherine ‘Sami’ Sweat-Pickering came to work for us in 2007, making her one of our most seasoned employees.

Sami has been with the company from its inception, through every iteration. When Duane bought the company in 2016, she worked tirelessly to notify customers and vendors, change countless passwords, open new bank accounts, re-key locks, and every other tedious but important detail that a company changing hands goes through. Sami helped to make that transition go very smoothly for us, our customers, and our vendors.

Sami is our Operations Support and Logistics Specialist. As Duane’s Girl Friday, she works very closely with him on every order we receive by ordering rubber, parts, tools, and any equipment we may need to complete each job.  She then obtains customer purchase orders and logs the job into our computer system.

She has a hand in every clerical or logistical duty associated with operations. From shipping & receiving to lgging inventory; from sending out vendor bids and PO’s, to scheduling field jobs; from billing customers to keeping track of DOT and field hours; from customer support to enrolling employees in our insurance plans, and conducting new-hire orientation.  Sami has also shown her keen ability to start doing a little job bidding on her own with a little coaching from Duane; she is an integral part of the everyday operations of our business.

On top of all that, Sami is the person who also answers our phones; she can expertly field most questions or quickly get the answers asked of her.  Sami is a loyal, honest, dedicated, highly efficient, and trusted team member who’s a whiz on QuickBooks and Excel.

Sami rarely takes time off, but when she’s not at work, she enjoys traveling, riding on the Harley with her husband, Robert, traveling, camping, and spending time with friends and family.  Her Hobbies include reading, collecting shot glasses and anything Egyptian, gardening, and updating her home.

1)  Robert and Sami prepare for a bike run with friends to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
2)  Camping with the family: Son, Ricky (back), Daughter, Arissa (front), and Sami’s mom (right)
3)  Sami and her daughter, Arissa at a company luncheon
4)  On a boat ride at Deer Creek Reservoir
5)  Taking her turn on the tube behind the boat, Deer Creek Reservoir