Duane Broadhead

Duane has been in the rubber lining industry for nearly 46 years.  He started his career at a small company in 1978, straight out of high school, and worked there for thirty-three years.  In that time, Duane learned the industry inside-out, honed his rubber lining skills, developed a reputation for honesty, quality work, innovation, and on-time delivery, and built life-long friendships with customers, vendors, and coworkers; some of whom still work with him today.

Duane came to work for Vulcan Precision Linings in 2011 as the Chief Technical Officer, overseeing Quality Assurance.  By October 2016, Duane negotiated the purchase of Vulcan from an investment company in an employee buy-out situation.

As President, Duane is still over Quality Assurance, but he wears many hats; he also coaches employees, bids jobs, visits customers to walk job sites, and, on occasion, still lays rubber in the shop and runs a crew on out-of-town jobs.  His main responsibility is making sure our customers are well taken care of.  Duane is insightful, brilliantly innovative, hard-working, and easy to get along with; uncompromising on certain issues, like integrity, safety, quality, and honesty, yet flexible and compassionate.

On those rare occasions when he’s not working, Duane enjoys spending time with family, especially his wife, Lori, and their family;  camping, fishing, driving the side-by-side through the backcountry, traveling, target shooting, hunting, and working with his new bird dog, Pryme.  His passion and favorite hobby is bird hunting.

1)   Shown with him in the pheasant hunt photo are co-workers Henry (center), and David (left), following a successful day hunt while on a company-sponsored employee appreciation trip
2)   Shown in the fish photo is Bob, Duane’s trusty side-kick for 12 years whom he lost in December 2018.  Fish caught in Soldier Creek Reservoir
3)    He tagged his elk in 2009
4)    With Bob in his side-by-side
5)    Duane plays chef at a company luncheon (Pictured with Duane are: Aaron, Edgar’s son, and Jim, Duane’s Son-in-Law)
6)    Coyote hunting with Bob
7)    Dove hunting with Bob
8)    Driving his boat at a fishing tournament
9)    Yellowstone National Park at the Continental Divide
10)  Camp Chef at the Bookcliffs Mountains in central-eastern Utah
11)  South Dakota Goose hunt with buddies
12)  On a Segway tour in Cancun, Mexico (L to R:  Lori, Duane, Son-in-Law Jim, Daughter Amy)
13)  Thanksgiving with the family (L to R: Son-in-Law Jim, Daughter Amy, Lori’s mom [behind Jim], Son Jason, Duane
14)  Another Thanksgiving with the family (L to R: Grandson-in-Law Trevor, Granddaughter Jolene, Duane, Daughter Amy, Son-in-Law Jim
15)  Holding his new Great-Grandson, Sawyer