Vulcan is capable of mobilizing field teams to all parts of North America. With a fleet of trucks and mobile equipment, our rubber lining and spray teams can service customers on site throughout the United States and Canada. We routinely assist our customers with all of the following services at their locations:

  • Hydro-blast stripping, sandblasting and rubber lining new & existing tanks, agitators, blades and other equipment
  • Inspecting, spark testing and repairing existing rubber linings during facility shutdowns
  • Sandblasting and painting tank exteriors
  • Installing rubber and ceramic panels for high wear applications
  • Applying polyurea to steel, concrete and other surfaces for containment or wear protection
  • Spark testing and repairing over-the-road rubber lined commercial tanker trucks

We are experienced in all types of field curing methods including:

  • Internal Pressure Steam Curing
  • Atmospheric Steam Curing
  • Hot Water Curing
  • Chemical Curing