Vulcan Precision Linings (VPL) is a great place to work. We take pride in a fast paced, team oriented, professional atmosphere, with exceptional benefits, a great career track, and a relentless dedication to doing things right.

We offer the opportunity to earn a valuable trade and life-long skill-set and this, in turn, results in higher wages and greater opportunities. Craftsmen enjoy good wages, exceptional medical and dental benefits, for themselves and their family, plus, generous paid vacation time. Craftsmen also participate in an incentive compensation plan that often results in substantial additional compensation. When the company wins, our Craftsmen win.

Current Job Opportunities

At VPL, quality and safety encompasses our services and our dedicated and enthusiastic employees.  We offer the opportunity to learn and advance professionally.

We are a precision industrial rubber lining and field service company. We apply rubber and other coatings to industrial equipment and parts to extend the life of equipment used in impact, abrasion, and corrosion applications. We primarily work in the mining and chemical industries (above ground only) for companies that specialize in extracting gold, copper, phosphates and precious or rare earth minerals.

We are currently accepting applications for the following jobs:

TRAINEE OR SKILLED CRAFTSMAN, Salt Lake City UT (Click here for job description)